Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alphabet Soup - Letter "M"

MARRIAGE - this is the bedrock of the peace and happiness I have in my life. My husband is truly my best pal, a man I adore and trust with all my heart. My life has been deeply blessed in this marriage! We've been united for 26 yrs and yet he still makes me feel 16 with a silly crush when he looks at me and smiles.

MUSIC - whether it is Christmas songs that waft through my home this time of year, the pulsing back-beat rhythms of reggae that I swing to while doing my housework, praise & worship songs that lift my spirit or the old cowboy ballads like "El Paso" that my husband likes to is a tremendous blessing in my life!

MARIGOLDS - I love flowers of just about every kind. Marigolds are easy to grow and have the side benefit of warding off bugs. Just thinking of their cheerful faces brightens my spirit on this cold winter evening.

MONEY - We are not rich in dollars and cents. But we have sufficient for our needs and then some to spare. We are rich in so many other ways, but I am very mindful that we DO have more money that at least half the population of this planet and I am deeply grateful that we don't have to fret about how we are going to get through each month.

MATH - Who would have thought I would ever say that was a blessing?? There was a time when I HATED mathematics. I would get a cold shiver down my spine at the very mention of polynomials or quadratic equations! I was one of those stereotypical females that believed I just could not learn to manipulate numbers no matter how hard I tried. But due to the patience of a great Algebra teacher many years ago I learned to overcome my aversion for mathematics. Fred Toxopaus, where ever you are, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for teaching me that I could master algebra and maybe even learn to like it. I was not an easy pupil, but you hung in there with me until I got it right. The skills you helped me establish have served me well over the years AND have given me courage to tackle other challenging things that at first seemed insurmountable. I'll never forget you!


Jen said...

Like you, I've found that with the help of some good math teachers later in life, I like math a whole lot better as an adult than I did as a kid. Great post-I think M is one of my favorites of your lists.

Thanks for visiting me today-its good to hear from you!

Ruth D~ said...

This alphabet idea is such a great exercise. I should start it in the new year. It forces you to focus on what matters.

Funny about math. I never liked it much, but now I teach it-- just 5th grade, but still-- and I have such an appreciation of it.