Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alphabet Soup - Letter "J"

Continuing on with the challenge to list blessings that I appreciate for every letter of the alphabet I will name these:

JUGGLING - this is something I am determined to learn. I have been practicing a off and on but still am not very good at it yet. No matter - I'll keep trying until I master the art. It just seems like it would be a fun way to add a little levity to life!

JET PLANES - I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to see various parts of the world: Egypt, Costa Rica, Fiji, Mexico to name just a few. I am ever so grateful for the ability to travel far and wide made possible by modern transportation.

JOINT CHECKING & SAVINGS - Every couple must find their own balance for how they will handle their finances. I know a few families in which husbands and wives clearly delineate "HIS" money from "HER" money. While I respect that may work for some, I am so thankful that in my marriage we have a different way. We throw all our resources into one pot and mutually share whatever bounty may come. Early on my husband was the only one working for a wage outside the home. Then little by little I started to contribute as I worked my way up the career ladder. These days I make a bit more than him. But it doesn't really matter. It's all OURS and we manage it together with no greediness or secrets. I like that.

JOB - I like my work. The past couple days have been horrendous as my boss and I have teamed together to compile a big, complicated end-of-year report. The reporting required for federal grants is truly excruciating. But even with tedious tasks like that in the mix, over all I am very pleased to be working where I do, and mindful that having a good job of any kind is something not to take for granted.

JELLO - Just because there's ALWAYS room for Jello! I especially like Jello brand instant tapioca pudding. YUM YUM!

JESUS CHRIST - and of course no "J" list would be complete without including the Savior. It is through the atonement of Jesus Christ that I can be forgiven of my sins to return one day to live in the presence of the Father. That is something for which I will always be especially grateful.

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