Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alphabet Soup - In Search of the big O

A series of things have piled up in the Piranha household over the last week or so which left me feeling more than a little glum. If ever there was a time when I needed to Count My Blessings, it would be now. I have SO MUCH abundance in so many areas of my, spirit, family, friends. But alas, over the last few days all I could see was the bad news. Three different doses of disappointment came one on top of the other - first I learned I didn't make the cut for the job back in Michigan that had seemed so perfect for me. (Rotten timing to get my "no thank you" letter on Christmas Eve.) Then came two more rather big reverses right on top of that which caught me completely off guard. One has to do with a close family member and the other a financial situation we got stuck with unfairly. Adversity with a capital A seemed ready to camp out for a good long spell just to see how I would react.

I've had my Eeyore moments, moping about with a pessimistic face. But I KNOW that in the big picture of life there is still plenty to be grateful for no matter what challenges may come.

So onward and upward to list the O blessings that enrich my life!

I'll start off with OYSTERS - to remind me that how we respond to the things that irritate or trouble us can make all the difference. The creation of pearls teach me that painful experiences can lead to beauty over time. So rather than moan or whine or wail about the injustice of life's disappointments I can truly ask myself "where is the blessing in this?" If I look hard enough, I WILL Find it.

OXYGEN - so easy to take for granted. But spend a day in the company of a person with serious breathing difficulty and you will be reminded how precious it is simply to take in a lung full of easy air. I am also reminded of the time I spent in Cairo, Egypt where the air pollution is truly atrocious. I'm so grateful to live in a place where I see blue skies instead of brown haze. I am thankful indeed for good air to breath and good lungs to suck it all up with.

OHIO - is a place that will always be dear to me. My beloved and I moved to the Buckeye State just three months after we married and lived there from 1982-1986. Some of my dearest friends to this day are those I met back then. Some are still there, some have moved away like me. But I still count them all as my Ohio buddies and they add sweet richness to my life.

OREGON - is where I have called home for the past six years. I don't know that we will stay a whole lot longer. I'm actively looking for a job now and most of my applications have been in other states. But I've had many wonderful adventures here and found some good friends during our time here. I'll always remember this place fondly. And who knows? We could end up staying ...just depends what cards we get dealt. I'm coming to understand and accept that the universe has plans and I'm just along for the ride!

OATMEAL - true comfort food for me. Besides being yummy its good for you.

OCEANS - It took me a long time to overcome my mistrust of the sea and general fear of water after a near drowning in Florida many years ago. But finally I've come to view the ocean as my ally once more. Being married to a serious scuba diver has taken me to several gorgeous beaches over the years - most recently at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Ocean there was so beautiful & soothing. Had a great time!

ORIGAMI - just plain old pieces of paper folded in elaborate patterns to make things of beauty. I have some Origami butterflies on my refrigerator door. Good reminders that out of small and simple things can come treasures!

And there are other things to be all the other letters of the alphabet, the Letter O brings me plenty to smile about, even when the world brings an OUCH!

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Jen said...

I have been very, very homesick for Oregon lately. Something about the color green that is really elusive this time of year in the frozen tundra where I live.