Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alphabet Soup - Letter "T"

Tantalizing Turkey Tetrazini tingles my tummy on Tuesdays.
Toes tangle tomato vines as I go trudging through my garden.
Tight fisted baby clutching my finger, dreaming of
tiddlywinks, tadpoles, tamarack trees, tangerines and torchlight,

Apart from that foolishness...

- My life has a sense of meaning and purpose because I have a testimony of the reality of God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I know each member of the godhead is real and that they are aware of me in a very specific and personal way. I know that God lives and that He loves me. That counts for a lot!

- I adore trees. One of my criteria for living anywhere is that there have to be trees around. As much as I like the house I now live in, what really sold me on the place is that there are several BIG trees as well as a bunch of smaller ornamentals all around the yard. I love trees that bloom, trees that change color, trees that have needles and last all the year round. There's just something powerful and comforting about a good tree.

TEETH - I have been blessed with a healthy mouth. I know people who were not. I've had my share of fillings and a few crowns, but for the most part I have good strong teeth that can bite into apples or corn on the cob without any problem. That's a good thing!

TELEPHONE - I remember the days when a long distance call was a rare occasion, usually reserved for important news. Now days with my free Sprint-to-Sprint calling I can chat for hours at a time with family and friends living far away. I am so glad we are able to stay in touch that way.

TABLE - We have a lovely Oak dining table with three leaves that can come in or out depending on what size we want it to be. I love that thing! I enjoy having people over for dinner for an evening of playing board games or cards. Our table has provided the setting for much laughter and sharing that are dear to my heart.

TENT - we have a couple different tents for when we go camping. They haven't been used much over the last couple years, but I hope that will change soon. One is a small dome tent that sets up very quick and easy with shock-corded poles. The other is a huge 3 room tent for when we have more people and gear to give home to. I've had some grand adventures in these tents. Hope to have more! I enjoy camping. I love getting off the beaten track, away from other people to do some serious exploring. I like cooking over a campfire, telling stories & singing late into the night, listening to crickets and watching the stars.

TULIPS - these are among my favorite flowers. We have all different kinds planted around our yard. After the long winter it feels so reaffirming to see them poke up through the ground in the spring. The blaze of color they add always cheers my soul.

THUNDER - I love big storms. There's just something about the way the ozone makes the air smell right before it rains, and then when thunder starts booming it leaves me all jittery with delight. I know that lightening can be dangerous, yet I can't help but like the way it feels so long as I am watching all safe and dry from my porch. The colors of the sky shift with the wind and my skin gets all tingly every time the thunder booms. Angels are bowling! There's another strike!

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