Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alphabet Soup - My Letter "C" Blessings

While the obvious answer for "C" would be Christ, for my spiritual blessing for this letter I choose to focus on COVENANTS. Covenants are two way promises - and those I make with God are the most sacred agreements of my life. I have baptismal covenants. I have temple covenants. I hold these to be holy and they strengthen and direct my live in more ways than I can name.

Computer is key blessing for me. Because I teach online classes for it is part of my livelihood. Beyond that, it is my way to stay connected with a myriad of friends and family scattered over the earth. It is a tool for finding information. It provides entertainment. It keeps me organized. I would be lost without it.

College is a huge part of my life. Getting an education had a lot to do with making it possible for me to turn my life around from the mess that it was to the stable and satisfying path I'm on today. Beyond that, I have taught college classes for the last dozen years. I've worked in many different capacities over the years, but when I am teaching it truly feels as if the planets have all lined up and the angels are singing in the heavens...I'm in the ZONE. I love it! I'm sure I'll still do lots of other things as years come and go, but college life will always hold a special magic for me.

Crayons - I love to color with my grand kids - or anyone else for that matter.

Cinnamon - whether in pumpkin pies or sprinkled with sugar on toast, I love the taste and the smell of this yummy spice. Scent is a powerful sensory experience for me and I adore walking into the house when it is filled with good smells!

Capillaries - just to remind myself to be grateful for the small unseen things in my life that give me strength. It is easy to recognize the big, shiny, impressive blessings that call attention to themselves. But I know there are a million and one tiny and unseen factors that make my life so sweet. Capillaries to do their job of spreading my blood all throughout my body in tiny little pockets to be sure oxygen and nutrients get to every spot. So thank you to capillaries and all the rest of the wonderful C words in my life!

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