Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alphabet Soup - Letter B

I have many blessings that begin with the letter B

Baptism - I was eight years old when I was baptized. I scarcely remember it and doubt that I fully understood the sacred nature of the covenants I was making with God at the time. But in the 40+ years since then I've had many occasions to ponder the significance of that event it my life. I am ever so grateful that I can renew those promises each week when I partake of the holy sacrament.

Blogging - Yes, I love the blogosphere. Some days I just wander at random to see what I can discover. Other times I stick with the tried and true - visiting "friends" I will most likely never meet in real time, but whom I have come to know and enjoy all the same. I'm sole author to five different blogs and contributing writer on another two. It's something that soothes me, inspires me, makes me think. I love to blog!

Brain - I am so grateful for the brain God gave me. I grew up as the middle of five kids in a home that put the D in dysfunctional. My siblings and I are only half kidding we say to each other that we were raised by wolves. But every one of us scrambled our way out of poverty and madness to earn graduate degrees, build strong relationships and create saner families in this generation. I am grateful my clan was given a healthy dose of good grey matter!

Bulbs - I am a flower fanatic. I just love to see my crocuses pop up out of the ground at the first sign of spring - sometimes making their way through the last vestiges of snow. Then come the daffodils, grape hyacinths and tulips. I have allium and peonies, hostas and bleeding heart. The edges of my yard are a wild riot of color from May til July as my bulbs transition through various stages. I love walking the yard when I get home each evening after work to see what new surprise I may find blooming there.

Books - I am an avid, eclectic reader. Some of my best friends as I was growing up were the characters in my books. I used to sit up in the crotch of a mulberry tree lost in reading for hours. Today my life is much too busy for that, and my bones are too old for climbing trees - but I still read as much as I can and then augment that with books on CD for when I commute. I love a good read!

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Morning Glory said...

I really like your B words. I'll have the Linky up tomorrow for the Letter H.